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Turn Your Community Turquoise For The Elderly

Join this turquoise campaign and demonstrate that the elderly in our country are not forgotten! We have just over 2.75 million older people in our country, of which 1 million are already over the age of 75. Unfortunately, older people are often seen as soft targets for crime, abuse, exploitation, rape and neglect.

This situation must be stopped. South Africans will have to be taught to treat the elderly with respect, love, patience and human dignity. A new awareness has to be created among our people about the plight of our elderly and about what individuals, families, businesses and organisations can do to make the world a better place for the elderly. You can help!

The awareness campaign called “Turn turquoise for the elderly” will run from 15 May (International Family Day) to 15 June (World Elderly Abuse Awareness Day).

The campaign is now recognised in the national list of awareness days. Its purpose is two-fold:

  1. Create awareness about the elderly in our communities, especially those not accommodated by institutions for the elderly, thus being more at risk.
  2. Give organisations, homes for the aged, congregations, etc an opportunity to generate funds for support of the elderly.

However, we need the cooperation of local councils, congregations, schools, NGOs, homes for the elderly, service centres for the elderly and all other organisations that have the well-being of the elderly at heart. We request all of South Africa to help us decorate the towns and cities in turquoise during the period of the campaign. Tree trunks, lampposts, pillars, shopping centres, buildings covered in turquoise will help increase the awareness.


If you would like to participate in the campaign to create awareness about the elderly in South Africa, please let us know who you are and your contact details.


Please donate to assist the elderly.


The success of a campaign like this depends on partnerships.

Show that you care

Go Turquoise 4 The Elderly

15May – 15June

During the campaign Go Turquoise for the Elderly from 15 May to 15 June 2016, the people of South Africa sent you this meditation and prayer.

Volunteers are the backbone of Go Turquoise 4 the Elderly. Here volunteers are helping to make ribbons for the campaign. Please contact us if you are willing to become a volunteer for this campaign.

Please help us spread the news about this campaign. These posters and awareness ribbons can be ordered by sending us an email at  info@goturquoise.co.za.

Please donate to assist the elderly