Five years of bringing the plight of the elderly under communities’ attention. In an ever changing world dominated by technology, that does not always simplifies life. New technology is intimidating and overwhelming to most, especially senior citizens. Many people, especially the elderly, struggle to make the adjustments, to understand the technology, use it and master it.

We grew up with cool stoves, now we use microwaves! We grew up with a nice old “crank-turn” or “buttons-press” telephone now we use cellular phones! For the elderly everything that was known and worked “easy”, is now replaced with “traps” for untrained and “old” fingers.

Go Turquoise strives to educate tech savvy youngsters, whoare comfortable to embrace new technology, that there are people and especially the elderly, who are not equally familiar with the latest gadgets. In our daily life, there are circumstances and especially changes, that the younger generations can comfortably embrace and master. The elderly don’t always find it so easy to process these changes.

Elderly’s change is indeed at a level that is not as simple as the use of a microwave or new phone. There is not always technology to blow away the pains. When the memory is short, there is not alwaystechnology available to limit it. Medical development have indeed made great advance, but there is yet no medical procedure, pill or medicine developed that stops the challenges of ageing.


This is where Go Turquoise’s work begins! Our congregations and communities should be made aware that technology can’t achieve everything. You can’t “update”, “reboot” or “upgrade” age. To be part of the elderly’s life, set different demands than to press buttons or Google!

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