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This year Go Turquoise for the Elderly ends on a high note! A highlight will take place on Saturday 13 June when a thousand turquoise balloons will be sent skywards at Loftus Versveld, approximately 10 minutes before the Super Rugby match between the Bulls and Cheetahs kicks off.

As the balloons soar high above Gauteng, it is hoped that the message of caring for the elderly in our midst will spread throughout the country. The main aim of Go Turquoise for the Elderly is to help create a new awareness about the plight of the elderly and what individuals, families, organisations and society can do to honour, revere and help their elderly to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives.

Often little things can make a huge difference in the well-being of the elderly. Showing care may mean visiting a lonely older person once a month, or it may mean writing emergency numbers in big numerals and placing them next to an older person’s telephone. Almost anyone can contribute in some or other way.

The elderly are soft targets for crime and abuse. By helping to make their houses, flats and rooms more secure, people can contribute to the safety of someone’s flesh and blood, someone’s parent and grandparent. By being on the look-out for elder abuse and reporting it, people can ensure that the elderly are never forgotten, neglected and abused.

South Africans are called upon to go into action: consider the elderly in our society and show that you care.