Partners Together We Achieve More

The success of a campaign like this depends on partnerships. These partnerships can take many forms, ranging from big corporates to individuals. Each and every one can make a difference. If you and I tell four other people about the campaign and each of them tell four others… Can you imagine the effect such a turquoise wave for the elderly can have in our country?

Firstly, we invite all organisations working for the elderly or on behalf of the elderly to contact us so that we can become partners in our mission of alleviating the plight of the elderly and helping in supplying in their needs.

Secondly, we would like to form partnerships with the media in all its forms. With your support, our message of caring about the elderly can be made known throughout our country.

Thirdly, we would like to form partnerships with all organisations that promote ethical behaviour that include the proper treatment of and respect for the elderly.

Fourthly, we invite all interested parties to contact us, because together we achieve more.

Please donate to assist the elderly.

Show that you care

Go Turquoise 4 The Elderly

15May – 15June

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